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Containers: Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

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The moment we hear or thinks about containers, we often expect it to just be nothing more than a huge box that gets loaded onto a ship and then transports its load. However, there is more to your average container than meets the eye, and it’s something that’s not gone unnoticed here at AMA Container Hire.

Containers, these days, are used as everything from welfare accommodation, static secure storage, and even as portable offices or cabins. The Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering has gone one step further; containers can also work as a sewage treatment unit where treatment is carried out to produce energy created from the human wastage.

Supercritical Sanitation System

The engineering school won the ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ competition set up by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their winning design was a sewage treatment plant that can be setup right inside a 20 feet container. This happens through a sophisticated process, with each container having the ability to treat latrine from a community of 1,200 people. The process involves subjecting the waste to a heat of over 705 degrees Fahrenheit, and a pressure of more than 3,200 pounds per square inch.

This is known as supercritical water oxidisation – with this, hot water can be created and used for community purposes, or even supplied as power to electrical generators. Part of the heat is also used to preheat the fresh sewage, so an external power source is not required. All this can be successfully done only if the container is sturdy and resistant.
AMA Is The Choice

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Experts with vast experience in this field are ready to offer the best solutions, based on the needs of the customer. In addition, our experts are known for giving valuable inputs on how to use containers for sanitation and waste management. The procedure for hiring or purchasing a container is also simplified; with top-quality, outstanding customer service, affordability and immense guidance, we are the only choice when you think of a container. Contact us today on 0845 4759 637 or by using our website’s online contact form for more information on all of our services


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